Three Men at the Pearly Gates

There were three men waiting to get into heaven and St. Peter was asking them certain questions to know what type of transportation to give them in heaven. 
So the first man walks up and and St. Peter asks him, "have you ever cheated on your wife?" and he responds, "yes, I have, many times," so St. Peter hands him a scooter. 
Then the second man walks up and St. Peter asks him the same question, to which he responds, "only once or twice." so St. Peter hands him a beat up chevy. 
So the last man walks up and St. Peter repeats his question, to which the man answers, "never in my life! I have always been faithful!" so St. Peter hands him a jag. 
After a week, the man with the scooter and the man with the chevy, see the man with the Jaguar crying, so they stop and ask him, "why are you crying? You got the jag!" and he answers, "I just saw my wife on a skateboard!"