An Experience

Moshe was crossing the street in Miami when he was hit by a bus and knocked unconscious. A Catholic priest arrived about the same time the paramedics got there. Not knowing his religion, the priest administered last rites, following which Moshe's eyes fluttered and he was fully awake. The priest told him about the last rites. 

Moshe said, "Well, a little change doesn't hurt." He couldn't wait to get home to tell his family about his experience. 

When he got there he said to his wife, "Sadie, you won't believe what happened to your husband today." 

She said, "Moshe, I don't have time. I am late for a Hadassah meeting. Your TV dinner is in the oven. See you later." 

Moshe then went to his daughter's room and said, "Darling, you should hear what happened to your father today." 

She said, "Daddy, I am on the phone with a friend planning a wedding shower. Please close the door." 

Moshe then went to look for his son who was just backing the car out of the driveway. "Son, let me tell you what happened today." 

The son said, "Dad, I am late for a date. I need the car and $100." 

So Moshe went back into the house, shook his head and said, "Here I am, a gentile for only two hours and already I hate three Jews."