Rating a Movie

An old Jewish woman has been invited to help screen a movie for the rating it will carry. The movie is an old remake of a Roman gladiator-type movie. In the middle of the movie is a scene where the Romans are feeding people to the lions. The little old lady hits the buzzer she's been given, which stops the movie.

The attendant comes down to her chair and says, "Yes, ma'am?"

"This movie should be rated 'R'," she says, "because those Jews are being fed to the lions!"

The attendant says, "Ma'am, those are Christians, not Jews."

"Oh..... Ok. Well, start the movie up again."

A few minutes later she again presses the buzzer. 

The attendant comes down to her chair. "Yes ma'am?"

She points to the screen. "Those lions over there... They're not eating!"