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At a Blonde Convention

At a blonde convention a speaker stood up on the podium and said, "Let us have the 'dumb blonde' theory lay to rest!" He got a warm reply, so he went on. He pointed at a young lady in the audience, "Young lady, will you please step up here?"

The young lady got up to the podium, stood and smiled.
The speaker asked, "All right. What is 101 + 20?"
The young lady replied, "120."
The speaker flinched and said, "No, I'm sorry, that's not correct."
The blonde audience shouted, "Give her another chance!"
So he did, "What's 10 + 10?"
The young lady replied, "22."
The blondes once again shouted in unison, "Give her another chance!"
Cursing under his breath, he said, "Now, what is 2+2?"
The blonde asked innocently, "4?"
The speaker was just about to congratulate her when the crowd shouted, once again, "Give her another chance!"