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Ferenc Cakó's Sand Paintings

These sand paintings opened the Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival 2003. 
Warning: This video lasts over 9 mins and is a very large file (18.5 Megs). Broadband users only! But it is worth it. So turn off the lights and turn up the sound!

click here to download the Sand Illustrations video


artist: Ferenc Cakó - credit: ebaumsworld

Arthur Ganson's Machines

Self-described as a cross between a mechanical engineer and a choreographer, Ganson creates contraptions composed of a range of materials from delicate wire to welded steel and concrete. Most are viewer-activated or driven by electric motors. All are driven by a wry sense of humor or a probing philosophical concept.

click here to download Machine with 23 Scraps of Paper video    click here to download Machine with Featherduster video

artist: Arthur Ganson - credit: MIT Museum / ebaumsworld