Feel Yin Fine





Here is an article which appeared in the Scottish DAILY MIRROR, on Monday, April 7, 2003


Connolly's patter relieves the pain

by Siobhan McFadyen

Boffins have proved that laughter really is the best medicine - with some help from Billy Connolly's stand-up routines.

A team of scientists discovered that the Big Yin's patter acts as a painkiller.

Now his comedy sketches could be used in hospitals to help patients recover from minor operations.

Psychologists compared people's pain thresholds while listening to music, comedy and doing mental arithmetic.

The Glasgow Caledonian University team claims vintage Connolly increased tolerance of pain by up to three times.

Researcher Dr Raymond MacDonald said: "Our study has led us to believe that listening to Connolly could aid post-operative recovery.

"We would like some clinical trials now to be held in hospitals to research this further."

The scientists have spent three years studying alternatives to anaesthetic.

They measured subjects' pain tolerance by asking to keep their hands in icy water for as long as possible.

Dr MacDonald added: "We used some of his older stand-up sessions during the study.

"Men reacted to his rough brand of humour best and their pain tolerance zones were increased three-fold."

*"Feel Yin Fine" reads "feeling fine."

Billy Connolly is known as The Big Yin (the big one in Glaswegian).

He is an international stand-up comedian and actor, originally from Glasgow (Scotland). For more on Billy Connolly visit