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Connecticut - We Apologize - PHOTO


America's Most Wanted Screen-Saver

Google for "miserable failure" 

You know the world has changed when... - IMAGE

Petrol Prices - CARTOONS

President Bush Kidnapped

Bush Goes Fishing - IMAGE


Swastika - CARTOON

Charles and Camilla - PHOTO

Invitation from the Queen Declined


How to Start Each Day with a Positive Outlook

Bush X-Rayed - LINK

Bushism - credit: Jeevan

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Bush Salute - VIDEO

To Defeat Terrorism... - PHOTO

A Bush Fan

How many politicians does it take to screw in a light bulb? (also in the Light Bulb Collection)

Bush in Brooklyn (no. 17 in the Jewish Collection) 

Quote of the Century

Invigorating America's Youth - VIDEO