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A Great Car Commercial

Another Great Car Commercial

Swiss Boss

What a Wonderful World – Show with Fingers and Shadows

Take the First Step (advert)

Very Bad Karma

Asking for Directions

Blue Movie

Tooth Fairy

First Professional Kick

Dancing with Animals

Tantrum in the Supermarket (advert)

Perfect Mum (advert)


Great Parking 2

Great Parking

Dodo, the Penguin

Getting Fit Is Dangerous (advert)

Hey Man, Don't Get Distracted (advert)

Keys (advert)

As Long as You Give Her Attention... - VIDEO

Shopping on a Friday Night with PMS (advert)

Bored Wife

Do you have the ring? (advert)

Communion During a Wedding Ceremony in France

Love the taste (advert)

Romantic Sleigh Ride (advert)

A Great Advert

Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses

Invigorating America's Youth

Bush Salute

C-Class Diesel (advert)

Idiots (advert)

Avoid the Meadow

Beating the Cheetah

In the Jungle (song)

On the Slopes (advert)

Bad Dog

Tricky Cat (advert)

Tyson (a dog) Skating!

Clever Dog (advert)

Don't Suddenly Stop Smoking (advert)

Another Bad Day

At the Photocopier (advert)

Going to Work on Monday

Oriental Matrix Ping-Pong

Selling Toyotas in Scotland?

Is Marriage Trouble?

How to Park Safely in Larkfield



Women - Sliding and Falling

Cats' Supremacy 1

Cats' Supremacy 2

Where Do You Think We Got Our Intelligence From?

On the Printer

Save the Music

The Blonde Antelope

The Blonde Typist

Italian Fabric Colours (advert)

Happy Together? (advert)

Thai Massage

Talking Cats

Funny Cats

Escape Completely (advert)  

The Most Read Paper in Sweden (advert)

Improve Your English (advert)

Scratch My Head!

Oh Cat, Catch That Fish!

Lost Wheel

Need More Speed? (advert)

Parking Technique 1

Great Parking Technique 2 (advert)

Parking Technique 3

Musical Car (advert) LINK

Animal Antics

VideoPhone (advert)

Jesus Christ: The Musical

Distroying the Weeds

Cleaning Your Glasses (advert)

Small Man Comedy

My Mom Said I Could... (advert)

What Is Happening on the Back Seat? (advert)

Horses in the Snow (advert)

Cola (advert)

My New Coat

Meeting (advert)

Santa in the Sex Shop

The Morning After (advert)

Speed Saves Lives


Walzing Referee

Watch What You are Trying out in the Shops

Geography according to Americans

Get Out of My Car (advert)

Cool Grandmothers (advert)

Outsmarting Death (advert)

Dancing Breakfast (advert)

Every Time a Good Time (advert)

Robin Williams' Linguistic Adventure

Tabasco (advert)

Cool Bulls (advert)

Skiing Over the Cliff

How to Get Free Petrol

The Smoking Area (advert)

For Experts Only (advert)

Are Sports Good for You?

Ping Pong (advert)

Idiots (advert)

Ten Times Filtered (advert)

Fox Hat (advert)